viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

My Linux Christmas Lists!

This is my second Christmas as a full GNU/Linux user! My computer hasn't exploded, I was able to get all my work done (and even more!), learned a lot about computers, didn't get malware problems, have the fastest and most stable system ever...and even got quite lazy with the back-up ritual that I used to perform every 2 months during my Windows days.

Anyway, distro and OSs wars aside, I wish all my readers the best for this season!

And now...what is on my Linux Christmas list? Let's see:

1. MEPIS 11.5 released! :)
2. A Free 3-D Mind Mapping tool.
3. A Linux Christmas demonstration.
4. A Linux computer vendor in my country.
5. A Kaquarium on KDE 4 like the one KDE 3.5 has.

But in a more humorous note, what what would my list include? Something like this:

1. A USB thumb drive that can be plugged in regardless of how you try to insert it.
2. A Toshiba netbook with Linux preinstalled.
3. A Canon printer with full Linux support.
4. A Tech-support line whose personnel does not tell you "go to the button 'start'."
5. A university application whose installation manual does not include "drive C:"
6. A Microsoft EULA that actually cares for user rights.
7. The terrible, epic, all-platform virus equally affecting Windows, MacOS, and all Linux distros that a Windows fanboy once said it was easy to design.

What about your lists? What would they include? :P

5 comentarios:

  1. #1: Hahahaha!
    I got #4 & #5 already at FUNDEVI. Isn't that great?

    How about:
    #8. A game console that does not include a "you-cannot-sue-the manufacturer" clause?
    #9. A Microsoft "Ask for your Windows refund here" booth at every computer store
    #10. A Tux push that sings "We wish you a Linux Christmas"? ;-P

  2. Those are good! I go for them! Add in your #8 a Playstation with the "add another OS feature" back and we have a deal! :P

  3. May the holidays bring you and mechatotoro peace, well being, and satisfaction. I wish you well in all good things.

  4. Same to you, pjcolon! And good to hear from you again!

  5. Thank you, pjcolon! Merry Christmas and thank you for your visit!