martes, 17 de enero de 2012

A Lazy Post

This appears to be quite a year! Mandriva is in trouble, so was Pardus...and UEFI is doing its part, too.

Well, on the bright side (at least to me), it seems that the developmental process of Mepis 11.5 has already begun.

However, Mepis 11.5 will apparently use Grub 2...that means I'll have to learn about that! :P

Oh, as requested, I'm posting here a small trick to mount USB 3 hard drives. This comes without any warranty...I have just tested it on Mepis 8 with KDE 3.5 with myToshiba NTFS device.

1. Open a terminal and become root. ("su" + root password in my case)

2. As root, type: ntfs-3g /dev/sd?? /mnt/sd?? -o force

(sd?? means the mounting point of your USB 3 device. In my case, it is most of the cases "sdb1", so the line reads: ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1 -o force)

That's pretty much it. In case of need, you might want to try:
/usr/bin/ntfs-3g --help

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  1. Despite a few spinning wheels or a meteor hit, 2012 should be a better year. I also use Mepis on a (donated machine) single core AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 clocked @ 1800 Mhz. Runs like a champ, extremely quick.

    For mounting external drives, what works for me is, as root:

    fdisk -l

    That give me info concerning /dev/sdx, plus also the filesystem format (ext3, ext4, hpfs/ntfs, etc.) I then use pmount.

    pmount /dev/sdxx /media/sdxx

    pmount will create a temporary directory /media/sdxx and mount the drive to that dir.

    To double check...

    df -T

    will give me info on all mounted drives.

    When I'm finished with the drive:

    umount /dev/sdxx

    The drive will be unmounted and the temporary directory removed. To this day it hasn't failed yet.

  2. Mandriva seems to be finished, so POCA (ROSA Labs) released a statement and the spokesperson says they will develop their ROSA distro.

    So, no MandrivOSA, it seems. Thanks for the trick!

  3. Sorry to hear that; maybe some of the developers can move to Mageia. Remeber usually out of a burnt forest the new trees grow with renewed vigor. GNU/Linux will not go away.

  4. @pjcolon,

    Thanks for that tip, too. I'll try it!

    @ Mechatotoro,

    Let's see how all this unfolds. As pjcolon said, GNU/Linux is hard to kill (and I'm thankful for that!)