sábado, 9 de junio de 2012

Some Random Thoughts

I've been working quite hard lately. This semester is almost over... Still, I've been able to squeeze some free time for checking out what's going on out there. First, MEPIS users are eagerly waiting for the first alpha of MEPIS 12. What KDE will it include? How will it work with Grub 2? Will MEPIS follow Fedora and hand in $99 to Verizon in order to receive its own Microsoft key and boot along Windows 8 without any hassle? Speaking of which, I myself downloaded the Release Preview of Windows 8 and ran it on a virtual machine. I must confess I was deeply impressed by it. It made me remember so many nostalgic, forgotten memories. An image is worth a thousand words: Yes! Windows at its best! :P Now, seriously, I wonder how clueless people will react when they get Metro on their desktops. Will they like it? Microsoft will have to invest quite a few dollars to brainwash those who refused to adopt Vista/7 and still cling to XP... Now on a brighter note, Sony is apparently considering a revolutionary idea that, if materialized, will mean a significant leap forward in the field of video games: advertising that interrupts your games! You must admit it: that's genius at its best! And they still want to patent that?? Surely, they don't want anybody to steal their incredible idea. Can you imagine if Microsoft did it and included it into Windows 8? These are amazing times! We should be thankful for witnessing such marvelous advances!

2 comentarios:

  1. The idea of the games is brilliant! Now we have to wait until they decide to do that while watching a a movie at a movie theater...what's more, they can actually do it in the middle of ANY scene of a play! Can you imagine? The actors pause and they a huge screen comes down with the commercial... I'm going to patent that one :-)

    1. Hurry up before it's too late! :P
      Really, it seems that when it comes to technology, new ideas are aimed at bothering users! I bet, though, that if Sony goes away with this one, soon people will accept game-interrupting ads as something normal and won't believe there was a time in which games ran without them. Material for a short story! :P