viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Pardus Is NOT Dead!

Pardus, the fine Turkish distro, has faced considerable problems.  Although many believed it totally dead by now, it is still struggling to keep itself alive.

For one part, the community of Pardus made the decision of forking the distro, and the resulting project is known as Pardus Anka.  Rumors held that it would have an iso on August 30th.

For the other part, the official Pardus decided to go Debianized... or so said the rumors.

Now, thanks to Pardus Life, I realized that both rumors were true: the official Pardus released an RC iso with Gnome and another with KDE...and they are based on Debian Testing.  So long, Kaptan and PiSi!  This Pardus now uses Synaptic as its package manager.

What about Pardus Anka?  Today they released an iso!!  Whoa!  I'm happy!!! Gotta test it ASAP!

Pardus fans are somewhat divided about a Debianized Pardus...of course, going the Debian way has many advantages, but also disadvantages, being one of them the current loss of identity of the official Pardus.

I cannot say much about Pardus Anka because I haven't tested it, but I wonder if it will keep the old Pardus line...

Whatever happens, I'm glad that Pardus is still here with us!

How can you help save the big cat?  Well, for the time being, download it, test it, use it, give feedback...

As one visitor to my blog said, "Long live Pardus, the big cat!"

EDIT:  Apparently the iso of Anka has a problem. We'll have to wait for a corrected one. Hope they release it soon :)

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  1. Yes, I hit the same problem with the Pardus Anka iso. It's good that there's Pardus, though.

    The latest Chakra inherited Pardus's Kaptan. They called it Kapudan.