lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Has GNU/Linux Given Anything to You?

It's been about 3 years since I left Windows XP and became a full-time Linux user.

In this time, I can proudly say that I've learned more than during my 15+ years of using Windows...all the way from 3.11 to XP.

What has GNU/Linux given me concretely?

1.  A rock-solid, dependable system.
      Before, I had to pray to the Megabyte gods whenever I had to use a
      projector, for example.  I still see some people being embarrassed by
      computers  Windows systems refusing to work with those devices.
2.  Peace of mind.
     I had to think twice before inserting my usb stick on public systems or
     when someone needed to plug one of such devices to my computer.

3.  A great community to help me whenever I need help.
     Before, whenever I had problems, I had to pay go get my computer fixed
     hard drive formatted and my OS reinstalled.  Then, I learned to do that
     myself.  Now, I can count on a community of very nice fellows who are
     willing to help me for a word of thanks as their pay.

4.  Tons of fun.
     While for some people "fun" is just "games," I learned that taking a
     system and making it look and behave the way I want is fun, too.  Of
     course, I'm far from being an expert, but even when I switched to Linux 3
     years ago, I started doing things like that.

What have I given back to Linux?

1.  I have helped others with the little knowledge I've gathered.
2.  I have introduced others to Linux.
3.  I have helped translating a distro into my language.
4.  I have helped checking the manual of my favorite distro.

Today, my distro's community started collecting funds for development.  I decided to put aside the issues I have with the online paying method and contributed anyway.  That's because Linux has given me a lot and I feel I haven't given back enough.

Some people may claim that Linux has given them nothing but headaches. That has not been my case.  I am grateful I migrated, actually!

What about my fellow Linux users?  Has GNU/Linux given anything to you? And what have you given back?   

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  1. Welcome back and great post for the season!

    So, after the hiatus, we have become retro/introspective, haven't we?

    I haven't been as productive as you have in terms of retribution, I'm afraid. Yet, I managed to support some Linux distros economically and I presented Linux to an intelligent, resourceful,honest,grateful, and persuasive individual who now is part of the Mepis/Antix communities :P

    1. It's the effect of the Season! One starts to look in retro/introspective and starts (or stars) a quest to deconstruct the binary operations hidden in the mythemes of social schemata...all with the objective of disclosing la langue and la parole, just as any Wild Man would! :P

  2. I agree with Mechatoro about the post for this season. It has made me think about the things that Windows has left me compared to the things that Linux could give me instead. Even though I've had my issues with mepis, I've had a nice experience as well. I'm not talking about its games, the cube or the fish... I'm talking about its safety and other system-related functions that I've learned when using it. Of course, what you've taught me so far is part of the list...Thanks for sharing useful information and tips here as well as your teachings about the use of Linux, and for installing it in my computer (I know what you think about it :P, but I still appreciate it.. I use it :P).

    1. THE FISH!! Don't get me started with that! That's a legend at Mepis forums!