viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

My Work is Done...Let the Fun Start!

I've been away of this blog for quite a long time.  Of course, the reason has nothing to do with viruses or computer malfunctioning...quite the opposite: my systems have been more reliable and productive than ever!

In fact, what kept me away from entering my experiences here was the intensity of the work I had to do.  Well, my graduation was also part of it.

By the way, I can say that my graduation serves as an example of the inaccuracy of all the arguments claiming that GNU/Linux is unprofessional software: everything, from online research to multimedia presentation design and my thesis writing, all was done using open source software exclusively.  Mepis Linux was my OS, Libre Office was my office suite, Firefox was my browser...I even used Kolourpaint for simple image editing!  Symbolically speaking, my Master's Degree has the Free Software stamp on it!  How come people say you cannot use Linux for serious tasks?  I have to disagree with them on the basis of my own experience.

What about my work?  There was an International Congress at my university and both my brother Mechatotoro and I had two lectures to present.  I thought about using Platinum Arts Sandbox (a 3D engine for games) instead of Impress to manage the visual aids this time.  Why?  Just for a little variety and a lot of experimentation!

                           These are captures of the presentation about Cruelty and Plays:

Since my knowledge about 3D designing amounts to zero, I had to learn everything from scratch, but I found the process very rewarding and intellectually stimulating (although I am not sure how many of my colleagues will be able to use it).

                    (This is a capture of the presentation about Children's Literature)

With the help of Mechatotoro, who gave me most of the special textures we needed to include in our virtual 3D environments, I set up the presentations.

                  These are more captures of the presentation about Children's Literature:

Apparently, those who attended our lectures were impressed by the innovative visual aids.  To me, that is the biggest reward since I put a lot of time and effort learning about 3D by myself!

And now that the work is done and I am on vacation...LET THE FUN START!
I bought a brand new ALTO 4330 Linux laptop from Zareason.  ( I guess my next entry will be about it!)  Also, I can play with a Toshiba netbook NB515 and a coworker wants me to install Linux on her Toshiba netbook NB-505 because Windows 7 is giving her lots of BSODs...what a surprise!

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  1. Good job! I guess we were risking a lot this time: we trusted our presentations to a software we hadn't used before. In addition, the concept is something that not many people can perceive as academic...But it worked!

    Now, let's take a break from the academic world and have fun.

    1. Right...not to mention the topics!

      I am making a long list of all the fun things I want to do.

  2. Well, I was one of the attendees in your lectures and I can say that I was impressed by your presentation. It was very creative and appealing. I felt that I was in a museum and a theater and the tour was motivating. I think it was the perfect complement to your valuable explanations of the topics presented. There would be people who may think that is not academic, but I can assure you that it marked the difference and there will be others who will probably dare to do something creative in their lectures. People get engaged when people innovate and your presentation was remarkable. I would love to learn how to use Platinum Arts Sandbox to do my presentation for the future congress :P Thanks for your time and effort. Your work motivates many people to do their best and to try new things despite the risks :P "Me quito el sombrero!"

    1. Thanks for those encouraging words. Coming from a professional in teaching, they are even more valuable!

      Now, while I just had two months, you have two full years to learn the tricks of PASB! Go for it!

  3. You're welcome. Al César lo que es del César! It was an outstanding and totally different presentation. I love to learn from professionals in Literature. ;)

    Thank you. I'm gonna try. If I have any questions, can I look for you to help me out?