jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

What do You Get when Trying to Burn a PARDUS Cat?

The answer is simple: an active community that raises PARDUS ANKA from its ashes!

The Pardus ANKA community is making good progress with their fork of Pardus.  According to Pardus Life, the Anka community has already translated their site into English.  There, you can see what is happening with this distro.  Right now, they are promoting Anka by means of banners.  

According to Pardus Life, the official Pardus, now based on Debian, is advancing, too.  Their RC2 is very stable. 

For those who wanted to burn Pardus: now you have two big cats taking shape that will hunt you!   

I'm rooting for both Pardus Anka and Pardus!

2 comentarios:

  1. Hey, I like the design of the cat a-blaze!
    Personally, I prefer Pardus Anka. It seems to me that Tubitak does not care much about an international community.

    1. True, but a Debian Pardus is not a bad idea. At least they are putting an effort into it...they ported Grub 2 Customizer, for example.