viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

So Long, Pardus-Anka! Welcome, PiSi LinuX!

Yesterday, Mechatotoro gave me a very surprising news:  Pardus-Anka, the fork of the Turkish distro named Pardus, is gone.

That news was shocking!  How come the Phoenix Pardus ("anka" means "phoenix") died?  And so soon?

Well, actually, what happened (as explained in Spanish here) was that Anka community decided to drop the name "Pardus" altogether to follow a totally independent path.  Since they kept PiSi, the packaging system that made Pardus unique, they adopted PiSi as their distro's new name (and identity).  in other words, Pardus-anka died to give birth to PiSi LinuX!

Now, "pisi" means "kitten"...thus, the logo of this renamed distro will be (I think) the logo of the very packaging system: the little cat.

I celebrate this change.  With Pardus-Anka, I felt a bit of confusion and perceived a lack of consistency, visually speaking, among its name, its logo, and its identity (the packaging system).  For the old Pardus, everything made sense: "Pardus" means "leopard/panther", its logo was a leopard, and its packaging system, PiSi, was a little cat.  For Anka, things were not quite as consistent: its logo was a phoenix, its name meant "phoenix panther", but its packaging system (and the marker of its true identity) was a little cat????

Now, the change to PiSi Linux solves everything: The name, the logo, the packaging system, and the distro's very identity work as one.  This may be trivial to some, but it actually speaks volumes in terms of forging a distro's identity from its very start.

I'll be waiting for PiSi LinuX then!

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  1. You see, I guess the Pardus-Anka developers listened to your *legitimate* grumbling :P

  2. Dunno if it was that they listened to me or that it was just a coincidence. Still, it kind of makes you feel you are part of their community, right?

    Well, what I know is that I'll support PiSi LinuX much more than I supported Anka!

  3. LOL, can't wait to see you change again as other distros adopt PiSi and you don't want to confuse yourself with other PiSi distros, hahahaha.

    1. I take your comment as a not very informed one. Or maybe you think PiSi will become extremely popular! :P

      How many distros have adopted PiSi since Pardus came to life? Let's see:

      1. SolusOS took it when Pardus went Debian and stopped using it.
      2. PiSi LinuX

      Yes...plenty of confusion now...and much more in the future!

      Cheers! :)

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    1. You can say that again! :)
      Gracias por pasar por aquí. Un saludo.