martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Meet the New MX-14 (Symbiosis)

The communities of antiX and MEPIS got engaged in a collaborative effort to put together a special antiX edition that also benefits from MEPIS community packages and tools.  The project was called MX.

MX-14 is, in sum, a combination of antiX and MEPIS.  It is a midweight distro (antiX is lightweight and MEPIS is full weight) that uses Xfce as its desktop environment, but includes pretty heavy applications, like LibreOffice.

For multimedia, it includes VLC and Clementine; its default browser is Qupzilla, and it has a handy metapackage installer that lets you install extra software easily.  Among the choices in this tool are Inkscape, Blender, Netflix, KDE, and Gnome, as well as the major open source browsers.

MX is a 32 bit project, but it uses PAE kernels to make the most of all your RAM. 

Want to try something new?  You could be surprised by this newcomer!  Visit its homepage to know more and to download it!

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  1. olha esta' tistra resolveu o meu problema,eu tinha uma m'aquina antiga instalei e deu para min aproveita o pc velhinho que eu tenho bom aprovado.