lunes, 2 de febrero de 2015

Blow the Trumpets! Windows 8.1 Gained 0.55% Market Share in January!!

This is a time of celebration for Windows 8.1 fans! According to Netmarketshare, the new warhorse of Microsoft, Windows 8.1 got an enormous, sizable market share chunk of 0.55% in January.  That went well and was very much needed, especially after the horrible beating that the OS got in December and that "tech journalists" decided to hide.

But January is another story.   It is a turn of the page.  Windows 8.1 got a gain of 0.55% and that's amazing!  The only problem is that the stubborn XP got more than that. XP got 0.67%!

Let's correct the title, then...

"Blow the Trumpets!  Windows 8.1 Gained 0.55% Market Share in January and almost Reaches the 0.67% that XP got!"

This is extremely interesting... so far, no tech journalist has written about it.  Was Ed Bott's claim for silence so effective?  It seems so.

Why is adoption of Windows 8.1 going so slowly?

Windows 10 is about to be released, of course!!

The problem is that Windows 10 also lost some of its market share...

Oh, well!  I guess this somehow explains the silence.  Not even crickets are heard...

No wonder why Microsoft now apparently wants to do Android with CyanogenMod...

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  1. Hehehe, I guess it's time for Netmarketshare to share a chair next to phrenology: only the prejudiced believe its claims... and they do it because they want to believe. :P