viernes, 7 de agosto de 2015

Methods to Activate Windows 10...

As several said before the release of Windows 10, the OS was not quite ready for prime time.  Some even say it's of alpha/beta quality and that MS is treating Windows 10 users as beta testers.  Others just realized Microsoft wants to do some massive data mining and now think of Windows 10 as a sophisticated keylogger with a GUI.  Well, the EULA stated that, didn't it?

All the privacy concerns aside, a new "feature" of the new OS seems not to accept the activation code.  That's a big problem if you need to activate your software to use your computer, say, for work...especially if you have deadlines to meet.

Now, the articles about the issue pretty much say the same: you must go back to your previous OS, then perform a clean install, and then cross your fingers.  Do they expect every regular user who experiences this to do all that?  And just how much time will that take?

Another solution: waiting.  It's so funny that first MS urged everyone to download and install the update (it is not an upgrade) and now they tell them to wait. How can people put up with all that?  Where are the Linux detractors who said that Linux was hard to install and work with?

I have the gut feeling that when Windows 10 malware hits, it will do it in a way we can't imagine (and there are even those who already call Windows 10 malware!) 

Although the information for activating Windows 10 in the articles is the same, the comments provide more information and are not to be missed.  Some of them will surely make you laugh...unless you are experiencing the bug, I guess.

Some users suggest the most amazing methods to activate your Windows 10 license.  They are worth trying.  Here are some I collected from Softpedia:

Something I thank Windows 10 for:  It has apparently made some Windows users recover their sense of humor! (and maybe the world will be a better place after so many people develop the patience of a saint!)

Good luck!

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  1. Darn, that's a new one. Maybe a cat can help with the activation process of the mouse is involved...