martes, 19 de enero de 2016

GalPon MiniNo 3.0 Queiles: Beta 1 released!

Great!  The first beta release of GalPon MiniNo 3.0 (Queiles) is out!

What's in it?

It comes with a a couple of handy tools.  For example, a backup tool called Cronopete and the well-known driver tool inxi.

The iso is 1.6 GB, and can be downloaded  from the announcement page.

3 comentarios:

  1. YES! Wonderful distribution, i am waiting impatiently for the new release.
    Meanwhile i am testing this beta version, it looks good! I had hoped it would be as light as Arbatros 2.1 on old computers, but it seems it uses almost 3 times more ram memory, that is a bit of a disappointment. But still good work.

    1. You are right. Unfortunately, distributions get heavier and bulkier with the time and those that used to run well on older systems don't do it as well or stop working altogether on such systems.