martes, 9 de febrero de 2016

New Look

Now that MEPIS seems to be finally dead, it's time for me change the appearance of my blog, with the help of the Gimp, Showfoto, and Kolourpaint.  Also, I must move on and continue my migration because, as sure as it can be, I am not going back to Windows.

Why?  Because thanks to Linux and to Free Software I've been able to experiment with my computers without any fear and I've learned a lot more than I did during my 15+ years using Windows.  Also, while I hear lots of Windows users utterly worried about the spyware features of Redmond's new OS and the disrespect of this company toward people's choices, I have nothing to worry about.  The distro that brought me to Linux might be no more, but I can always choose what operating system I want to install and use.

2 comentarios:

  1. Great new look! I love the cover picture :D

    It's sad that both the distros that brought us to Linux land are here no more, but hey, it was a great ride and WE are still here :D

    1. It was fun to make that picture! :P

      Well, Mandriva and MEPIS are still here. They left a legacy that will go on for many more years.