viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

Noise about Linux

After the FUD article published not long ago by Ken Hess for PC World, Katherine Noyes, from the same magazine, has come up in defense of Linux. She wrote two articles:

1. Is Linux Really Harder to Use?

2. Why Linux is More Secure than Windows

Also, in terms of security, it's interesting to see how Windows advocates keep saying "Windows is safe. Just download MS Security Essentials..."

The executable installer for XP is 11 MB and for 7/Vista is 7 MB. I don't really know if that covers the full download or that will act as a downloader for heavier files...

Anyway, it would also be interesting to investigate why those "essentials", being so essential, are not included with Windows to begin with. Why does MS make acquiring those vital security tools the user's responsibility? Is it really that hard to include them with the mastedon-size and voracious resource-eating OS they currently promote? If they can't even include "security essentials" in their DVDs, what are those media filled with? Letters to Santa Claus?

I don't know! :P

3 comentarios:

  1. They are filled with code to prevent you from seeing the code and with more code to report you if you are trying to do something dishonest, like bribing OEMs to recommend a specific OS. Wait, that sounds familiar :-P

  2. One of the local businesses which we accept donated equipment from had an incident where 8 servers were updated without user intervention, waiting for reboots in the morning. What they (MSFT) also do not mention are the silent unknown patches that occur without user knowledge (even though automatic updates was disabled). Good thing is these windows servers were isolated on their own subnet. No servers using windows are currently allowed on the production network.

  3. Interesting...on one hand, the essential security, which should be included with the OS, is being provided separately (that still makes no sense to me) and on the other hand, there are "updates" (whatever they are for---more letters to Santa Claus, maybe) that are forced upon users regardless of their updating preferences...
    Very interesting indeed!