martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

AntiX M11 Test Release!

I'm downloading antiX M11 Test Release. Some time ago, I downloaded antiX M8.5 "Marek Edelman" and it impressed me very favorably. Thus, I am eager to experience what antiX will bring once it's based on Mepis 11.

I'll add my observations here after my download finishes...


antiX m11 looks like this:

A very modern look, isn't it?

As antiX m8.5, this test version brings:
a light word processor: Abiword
a light spreadsheet: Gnumeric

It also comes with a CD-DVD burning tool: GnomeBaker

I found a problem while trying to burn: GnomeBaker does not support some characters, so be advised that you'll need to rename files that use them. Fortunately, the problematic file names are marked in red so that you may locate them easily.

Please do not take my word on this as I know very little of these matters, but another problem I encountered was that I could not burn any media. It seems the kernel antiX is using does not support my new DVD burners (Mepis 8 and 8.5 don't, either). Again, I'm just guessing here, but I used Mandriva and it did burn...I could also burn using Mepis 11 alpha 3...that's why I think the problem has something to do with the kernel.

I'm sure there will be a workaround for this problem, maybe I could ask some antiX fellows about it.

Again, for older computers antiX may work very well...that's the strongest point of this fine distro.

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  1. Very interesting! the problem with the DVD units can be related to the kernel. I had a similar problem with a flat screen and mepis 8. I want to test mepis 11 to see how it works.

  2. Yes. The fact that Mepis 11 alpha 3 could use my units stresses the hyphotesis that the problem lies on the kernel. I'm waiting for Mepis 11 Beta...

  3. antiX-M11 uses the same kernel as in antiX-M8.5

    If you have antiX-M11 installed, you could upgrade the kernel to the one used in MEPIS 11 or a liquorix one. Both the latest liquorix and MEPIS kernels are 2.6.36

  4. @ anticapitalista,

    Many thanks for dropping by. It's indeed an honor to have you here.

    Also, thanks for helping me out with my problem even before I had time to post my question. Oh, my! That is FAST support! ^__^