domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

GNU Icecat: A Free Browser

Today I learned a bit about GNUzilla and its Free browser named Icecat.

Basically, it is a version of Firefox free of proprietary elements, just as Debian's Iceweasel.

Well, I thought it may be an interesting experiment to try Icecat, so I downloaded the tarball. However, installing it was beyond my knowledge.

Then, I chose a different approach:

1. I opened Synaptic
2. I added the following repository: "deb hardy main"
3. I reloaded Synaptic's repository list.

The rest was easy: I downloaded Icecat from Synaptic and it took care of the browser's configuration.

The result? Now I'm typing this entry using Icecat! :P

3 comentarios:

  1. I just used Iceweasel in my experiments with PureOS.
    Did you find any important difference?

  2. Well, in general terms it is pretty much like FF 3.6. However, the plug-ins are different (and not so abundant), it seems. I am not sure because I haven't been able to install any. I don't know if this is an Icecat problem, or a Mepis problem...or maybe it is just a PICNIC!

  3. Interesting! That's totally new for me!