sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

Finally...Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" Released!

For many Debian fans, this is big news: Debian 6.o, codename "Squeeze," has been finally released!

Let me rephrase. This is great news not only for Debian fans, but also for those who, either knowingly or unknowingly, use Debian: I'm speaking about those who use Linux distros based on Debian (like myself!)

For the record, Debian is not as what Linus Torvalds said in a recent interview. He said that Ubuntu had made Debian usable. However, I think it is just the opposite: It is Debian who made Ubuntu not just usable, but possible in the first place. Being honest, where would Ubuntu and all the Buntus (as well as all the other Debian derivatives, Mepis included) be without Debian?

Cheers to the Debian swirl. And to all Debian users, keep Debianizing for a long, long time! :)

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  1. I think that Torvalds meant that Debian was too difficult for general users and that Ubuntu extended the .deb packages...

    Anyway, cheers to DEbian users worldwide!

  2. I'm not sure...the way he made it sound was like Debian was so obtuse that nobody could use it. That is not quite true in the present. Either he meant the Debian of 10 years ago or he made a big mistake. I mean, he also implied that Ubuntu had somehow invented the installable live CDs and that is not true...the credits for installable live CDs go to Mepis! :P

  3. Long Live MEPIS!!
    However, I am still resentful because I was greylisted and cannot enter the forum... (mumble, grumble)

  4. I also get greylisted from time to time...I owe all that to my days in Windows XP.