jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

Eight Questions about Windows 8

Windows Vista/7 has not gotten widespread yet and there's already noise about its successor, momentarily labeled "Windows 8."

Among all the new features it will have (according to rumors), we can list these:

- Aero will be gone with the Wind.

- Win 8 will make the most of your Live ID Passport whatever.

- Win 8 will run in devices as small as a phone and as big as the Batcomputer.

Now, I (and probably not just me) have a couple of questions about features I'd like to see in Windows 8:

1. Will it be safer by any chance or it will let legacy viruses and malware run? I mean, what good will the new OS be if old Win XP viruses break havoc in its guts?

2. Will it treat its legitimate users as that or it will treat them as potential pirates as its predecessors do?

3. Will it play fair with costumers or it will hide important information from them, like data collecting and so?

4. Will it play fair with other OSs or will invent "hard drive problems" to prevent installation of other choices?

5. Will it call infections "WINDOWS INFECTIONS" instead of "computer infections"? WOW! That'd be nice!

6. Will it be a real innovation or it will be "Seven with lipstick"?

7. Will it include digital coupons to make its warranty effective right in Microsoft's own stores as its predecessors include digital signatures and activation codes or it will rely on 3rd. party technicians who just know about formatting and reinstalling?

And maybe the most important...

8. Will it be worth its price or it will be another expensive Service Pack as Vista/7 was of Vista?

I really hope Microsoft's developers are seriously working on these eight issues for the benefit of most computer users...it's the least they could do, isn't it?

4 comentarios:

  1. Very intriguing questions!
    Unfortunately, I can predict the answer to most of them. Judging from the tepid reception of IE9, the best Microsoft can do is work on a MS Office suite for Linux, if they want to sell something, hahaha

  2. That could be a good idea. However, I'd stick to open office suites...I just can't stand that Ribbon Interface!

  3. lawl, "aero will be gone with the wind" xD
    knowing MS, their new release will be based on further levels of eye candy, making you buy expensives gpu's to be capable to run a $500 "ultimate" version with MORE eye candy (changing wallpaper sold apart).

    A rumor I read somewhere stated that windows 8 would be installed or sold on a separate hardware chip or something. perhaps a move against piracy? anyway such vague info, or what I managed to understand from it, don't seem to make a very reliable source.


  4. @ Vanargand,

    I agree with you: more eye candy (and probably just that). Security will be ignored...again!