miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

A New, Happy Pardus User!

As planned, I proceeded today with the installation of Pardus 2011 on my student's old laptop.

The first hour of the process was painful: preparing Windows Vista for sharing part of the hard drive is anything but easy (where are those who say Windows is easy??) or fast. Partitioning the drive followed Vista's multiple reboots...that took me a complete hour! What a waste of time!

Once that Ballmer's first jewel to the world finally stabilized, I could actually start the fun part.

I decided to make an extended partition so that the laptop could have different OSs if so desired in the future. That took me a couple of seconds using MEPIS 8.5 live CD

Since I had MEPIS 8.5 already active, I installed it. Mepis can always help. Its whole installation took me about 10 minutes anyway.

After Mepis, I installed Pardus. Pardus took more time...about 25 minutes. Then I configured Pardus so that it could unleash its full potential. Mechatotoro helped me with my KDE 4 shortcomings (right! I'm still far away from becoming a Linux guru!)

Then, the owner of the laptop returned. She expressed several times her approval of her renewed system. Vista's Aero simply cannot compare...even Microsoft developers know it. That's a plain fact people at Redmond are fully aware of but which Windows users seem to ignore. What a paradox!

As a fun experiment, we ran a USB virus on Pardus. My student grew pale...yes: USB viruses are terribly harmful and will take over your PC. Or that's what we are always told.

What happened? Nothing, of course! USB viruses will take over your WINDOWS OS, not over your PC!

Pardus 2011 is not only beautiful; it's also effective. A new, happy Pardus user may be right now playing with her laptop and she may be learning about a totally new--and certainly safer--computing experience.


3 comentarios:

  1. I'm glad it worked out and that the new user is happy too! :)

  2. So am I. It's interesting...always, the most difficult part is the Windows part. Many of those who claim Windows is easy do so because it comes pre-installed and pre-configured. I wonder what they will think if they had to do all the work for themselves!

  3. I agree. It takes a lot of time to get Windows up and running...not to mention personalization, which increases the time you have to spend in front of the screen.

    Pardus is a great OS.