domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

Advances and Paradoxes of Computers

I'm having too much work lately. Thus, for the sake of fun and my own sanity (or whatever is left of it,) I'll post two cartoons about some paradoxical advances we have seen in the world of computers. I've got a feeling that we are experiencing the Nietzschean Eternal Return. :P



Have you witnessed any other radical advances like these? :)

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  1. Yes! How about Microsoft convincing everyone (for 20 years) that computing must be done through a GUI and now trying to undo all that rhetoric to trumpet "Powershell"?

  2. Microsoft isn't trying to convince everyone to use the PowerShell. It's tailored for "Power Users", and as far as I know it comes only with the more expensive editions of Windows like Ultimate or Professional.
    The reason most people fear command-lines is because the only one they ever knew was the absolute worst. I can't do anything on MS-DOS, and frankly I've never seen the point of it, because it had no advantage over the GUI on a typical user's point of view.
    When I changed to Linux,I was amazed how handy and easy the terminal could be. In a few weeks, I learned to install software with it,start applications and scripts, even surf the web and send e-mail with it, and it really felt like it a method with advantages over the GUI. There are tasks that would be painfully boring with a GUI, for instance installing all those .deb or .rpm from an OpenOffice download. Would you rather click all of them one by one or type this line:sudo dpkg -i *.deb and have them all installed at once?

  3. @ Helder,
    You are totally right: MS is not trying to convince everyone about their shell. But still, they are contradicting their previous discourse because I remember clearly all they used to say against terminal commands to favor GUIs.
    Life is so interesting...I felt I could do so much with DOS back then in my Windows times, but now I'm so behind with my Linux CLI learning.
    Even so, just as you said, I've been able to experience the great convenience --and speed-- of installing multiple packages with a single command. :)