domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

A Word on Productivity and Linux...

As the end of this semester comes close, I've found myself progressively busier. I've even neglected my blog about the experiences I have with Linux...

Then, I noticed something: Why is it that I'm so busy and why I haven't written anything here?

To put it simply, long gone are the days in which my OS slowed down or needed occasional/frequent reboots. Now, I can work while I update my system, don't have to worry about directing resources at updating or running A/V software every single day and the only problem I get is that I feel ostracized when I hear my colleagues talking about how viruses infected their systems!

I even forgot what minimizing windows felt like!

It's great when one's OS doesn't get in the way...especially when one needs to maximize productivity! Thanks, Linux, for showing me that another way of using the computer is possible!

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  1. I understand what you mean. I had to write four reports and Linux made the task easy: I kept each one in a separate workspace and kept switching among them. All of them were ready in a fourth of the time I would have used. These are busy times and it's great to have an OS that is up to the challenge.