jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Jetpack 2: The Project Continues!

Back in the old times, the little DOS game Jetpack became a legend. I came to know about it too late...the game was no longer available for sale. Still, it had been released as freeware. I spent many hours trying to help Jetman achieve his goal...but most of the times, I got him killed. Then, I used the level editor that came with the game to make my own levels and had many more hours of fun...

I remember that once you closed the game, you could read "Wait for Jetpack 2 in 2000."

I waited eagerly for the year 2000. Along with all the mystery and the Y2K fear around me, I kept the hope of seeing a new Jetman flying and avoiding all new sorts of dangers. However, Jetpack 2 was not released that year.

Then, I stumbled upon Jetpack HQ, where Adam Pedersen--Jetpack's creator--posted updates on the status of the project. Unfortunately, Mr.Pedersen has been through lots of difficult situations which have caused multiple delays and interruptions to Jetpack 2.

Today, I was very glad to learn that, even though his present situation is still hard, he is feeling better and he is taking Jetpack 2 back on track. Mr. Pedersen is about to finish the level editor!

The next test release will be out in about two weeks, according to the developer.

The game, when completed, will be available online, and also for Linux, Mac, & Windows!

Will I buy it? YOU BET! Who says we Linux users don't buy software?

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  1. That game did provide countless hours of fun! I'm buying it, too!