jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

A Lightweight Distro for My Netbook

I have a small Toshiba NB100 netbook which I am very fond of. In spite of what many may say about netbooks and productivity, this tiny computer is my work machine when I am at the university. It is the computer I use for teaching, too.
It came preloaded with Windows XP, which I never boot, but I loaded this system with Mepis 8, Mepis 11, Pardus 2011, and Mandriva 2010.
I love the feeling of freedom I have whenever I turn it on. Although most of the distros use KDE (I also installed Gnome 2 on Mepis 8), booting into a different distro is a different experience to me.
This netbook also has a clean partition I use for my OS experiments. Yes, I know what virtualization is. Indeed, the small machine also has a VM, but I like to learn, and using a VM to install an OS, while convenient, is not the same as installing it on the actual machine.
Anyway, I now want to load a lightweight distro on this system, too. My desktop machine also runs antiX and MiniNo, which don't use KDE. I have learned from them what Fluxbox, ROX and IceWM feel like. I have SliTaz on a different system, so I also know a bit about Openbox.

Now, I have to decide which lightweight distro to install:

Minix (this is not strictly a Linux distro, but I'd like to try it, too. Thanks to Linux, I came to appreciate different OS possibilities!)

Is there another lightweight distro I should try?

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  1. I would recommend #!, because it makes Openbox into something slick and beautiful, it's actually quite easy to use, it's very lightweight, and being based on Debian means that it has access to vast repositories of software.
    a Linux Mint user since 2009 May 1

    1. CrunchBang! I am right now downloading it and will give it a spin as soon as I finish my download. I'll tell you later how it went.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. I gave #! a spin already, but it gave me lots of errors. Upon checking, it was apparently due to a bad download. Downloading again.

    3. I tried #! again. No luck, unfortunately. I wonder what those at Toshiba did to this computer...so far, the lightweight distros that have gotten the best results are SliTaz 4 and MiniNo. The former has problems to recognize the HD while the latter does not pick any wireless connection. I'll keep trying and testing.