lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

Four Games to Increase Your Vocabulary and General Knowledge

Sometimes, in our busy lives, it is necessary to cut ourselves a little slack and play a quick game just for fun.  After all, we cannot procrastinate for a long time!

Sometimes, our gaming needs are not very demanding: we don't want great graphics, involving plots, or adrenaline-releasing games...especially when we can barely spare from five to ten minutes to gaming.

Here is when everyone goes to Solitaire, Mah-jongg, or Sodoku.

With the exception of Sodoku, that helps train our number-related skills, the other games don't do much beyond letting us sweetly waste some of our time.  

What about playing a quick game and at the same time increasing our general knowledge?  What about expanding our vocabulary while playing?

These four games, although not very elaborate, will let you do that.

1.  Kanagram

This little game presents you a scrambled word and you must type it correctly.  If you can't figure it out, there are hints available.  Kanagram comes with lots of categories and since there is no punctuation, there is no pressure!

You can even set the language if you want to practice your vocabulary in a foreign language.

2.  Connectagram

This game presents you a set of interconnected anagrams quite like a crossword puzzle.  Although you can see the time you've spent playing,  there are no time constraints.  Scores appear at the end of the game, but you are so caught up with the words that you don't pay too much attention to it.

You have to organize the letters of each anagram to form words in English (no language settings for this one).  If you luckily get a word right but don't know its meaning, Connectagram gives you the definition through an online search engine.

In five minutes I learned three new words!  Oh, it also has hints to prevent unbearable frustration levels.   

3.  Ri-Li

This little game puts you in charge of a train.  You control the direction that your train takes.  While running, your train becomes longer, so you must be careful when planning your next move.

If you complete the level, you are presented with a trivia question on the Declaration of the Human Rights.  This is tough!

Since this game may be set in many languages, you can even practice your reading skills in a foreign language!

4.  Freevial

This is a tricky Trivia game for the boldest and most daring.  I say tricky because, as a good trivia game, its questions are quite hard.

If that does not make you chicken away, then let me say that the game comes in Catalan language.

Now, even if you don't speak Catalan (I don't), you can challenge your knowledge of computers, manga and anime, programming, the Internet, and of course, of Catalan language!

Believe it or not, it's fun!

These four games might not attract the heavy gamers out there, but surely are a fun and educational way to spend a few minutes without worrying about scores or saving states.  Sometimes, we play a quick game when we don't have much time...why not learning a bit while doing it, too?  

5 comentarios:

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing these! Great ways to learn as you kill time!

  2. I saw two of them (the first ones) and they really caught my attention. If I can find them :P, I think they are going to be as addictive as Plants vs Zombies :P As Mechatoro said, thanks for sharing these games. It can be very enriching for those who enjoy learning while playing! :D

  3. I already downloaded them. ^___^ I played all of them, but I guess I won't play freevial anymore.. It is a good game to teach our students guessing meaning from context, though. :P It really works. :P

    1. I've heard of a translation of Freevial. I wish they enabled customized categories and questions, too.

    2. Well, that would be great because instead of enjoying the game I ended up with a headache trying to figure out what the questions and answers said... Yes, that's a good idea.