jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

National Geographic Pics: Which Linux Distros do You See Here?

As I was browsing lots of beautiful pictures property of National Geographic, I could not help "seeing" some Linux distros in them.  Yes, I know: I must get away from my computer!

For example, the following pic "shows" Tux!

Let's go to the pictures and see which distros you can "recognize"! :P

1.  A Brazilian distro formerly known as Famelix:  ___________ .

2. The distro that has given birth to many other distros, Ubuntu among them: ____________ .

3. This is a combo of two distros. One is Italian and the other Galician-Spanish!
   ___________________ (Italian) and ________________ (Galician-Spanish)

4. A lightweight distro that amazes because of its sturdiness: _____________.

5.  The distro that is holding a conference in Prague this month: ____________ .

How many could you "see"?  :)

 By the way, this is just for fun; I don't claim any official link between Linux and National Geographic

5 comentarios:

  1. Hahaha, those pics are good. You really use your imagination!

  2. When one is swamped with work, there's nothing else to do! :P

  3. Are these the answers?????
    1. Brlix
    2. Debian
    3. Open mamba & Minino
    4. Slitaz Linux
    5. open SUSE

    Uffff quedé fundida! :P Jeje de esas Minino por supuesto pude pensar facilito... :P

    1. You did well, but got SliTaz wrong. It should be SliTaz GNU/Linux :P

    2. Awwwwwwwww great! :D Hahaha well, half a point! :P It was in the same line... I dind't write down a totally different name of a distro... :P ;)