viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013

antiX-13 Beta 1 Is on the Loose!

This weekend, I'll be testing antiX-13, which has released its first beta!

Needless to say, this release is intended for testing purposes, and it is available for 32 bit and for 64 bit computers in two separate .iso files of around 370 MB.

With about 550 Mb of base memory, it took me 15 seconds to go from Grub to antiX desktop.  Not bad!!

As it can be seen, antiX-13 takes 10% of that RAM when idle.  Launching Iceweasel and the game Connectagram takes 27%. 

Also, it is important to notice that these isos are of antiX base, which means you won't find lots of applications stuffed into the live CD.  These are for people who want a usable, basic system with some software included, but who would like to add their own packages later.  In fact, if you check the "Office" category, you'll see just a phone notebook and Ted rtf text processor.  That's it.

What if you want to add GIMP or LibreOffice?  And what if you prefer another desktop environment?

antiX makes it easier for you with its metapackage-installer.  You'll find it if you go to "applications" and then to "accessories":
As you can see, using the metapackage-installer, you can download and install different kinds of software to your liking. 

Another important detail is that antiX repo has several kernels available:

3.6.11 (the kernel antiX-13 uses)

I have to test this release a bit further.  I installed antiX M11 into a Toshiba Mini NB515 and its owner just loves it.

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