viernes, 15 de febrero de 2013

iWatch? You Are a Bit Late...

I heard some rumors that Apple is working on a smart watch.  If that's so, then such an idea is hardly innovative: there have been smartwatches around for some time now.  They run Android, like Sony's Smartwatch or I'm Watch and there's even the Leikr Linux watch project, too.

Apple fans may not like this, but there's even a Windows 8 smart watch concept!

If the iWatch rumor is indeed true and Apple does launch their smart watch, I hope they won't say they invented smart watches.  Well, probably, they'll say they re-invented them or something like that.

Leaving that aside, it's quite clear that open source and innovation are directly related, much to the dismay of these software giants.

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  1. Yeah I've been wanting one for years and yes I found them back then. Still hardly affordable and still not exactly what I had in mind. At least there's gonna be more competition in that area.

  2. @Fenrir88,
    Coming from Apple, "hardly affordable" should also be attached to the price tag :P

    At least I hope to see interesting features in those watches.

  3. I don't know. I'm still not buying the idea of an intelligent watch. I think it is another artificially created need, quite like cellphones. Intelligent phones, intelligent watches, intelligent glasses... What about intelligent brains?

  4. Smart brains are soo old school...!
    Haven't you noticed that people buy computers precisely because they think that the machines are going to do all of the thinking themselves? And then they complain when there is a mishap!

  5. And time proves you right!
    Read this: