sábado, 10 de enero de 2015

PicarOS Diego 2014

I finally replaced my PicarOS Diego Revision C with PicarOS Diego 2014.  They made quite a lot of changes!  I could even set up the desktop cube on it!

So far, I've found two issues.  While they are not show-stoppers, they could be a bit annoying:

1.  VLC does not seem to show soft subtitles.
     So far, the only way to correct this problem is upgrading it to a newer version.  I'll have to do that later.

2.  The volume always starts lower than 100%.

I'll keep testing it.  Let me say it again: if you are interested in an education-oriented distro, I think this is the best one!

3 comentarios:

  1. I think PicarOS is the best OS for children ever.

  2. I gave the PicarOS install a quick drive, but the compiz refuses to work on the Strata.

    1. Really? That is a show-stopper! :( Maybe a specific driver must be loaded...