lunes, 15 de junio de 2015

Bored with Linux...

My entries on this blog have become scarce. The reason?  I may be bored with Linux...

No, I am not bored of Linux; but certainly thanks to Linux, I am bored these days.

Let me give you a few examples...

Several weeks ago, I found an article whose title was something like "Windows 10 is coming. What you need to know to be ready"

In the past, during my Windows times, I would have read that article eagerly. But now I didn't even go past the title. Windows has become utterly irrelevant to my computer experience.

Then, a week a go, I found another article comparing Anti-virus products to see which one made PCs slower...

Again, I didn't even stop to open it. In the past, however, such an article could have caused me to panic if my AV was among the "bad" ones...

I don't even remember what a slow computer was.  And, concerning viruses or malware, all I have left is the awkward feeling of not belonging when I hear my colleagues or students talking about such issues...

To kill my boredom, I've maximized my productivity.  That's why I don't have much time to post anything here.  I'm also involved in translating a couple of distros to my native language.

Also, Mechatotoro was kind enough to give me several Humble Bundle games, which I play on Steam when I have some free time.

Life is boring with Linux...and I love it!  :)


4 comentarios:

  1. I had not thought about how boring my life has actually become until I read your post... I had forgotten about the excitement of updating Antivirus and hunting malware! Or crashes! By the way, our office mate who has the privilege of owning a Windows phone described her thrill with phone crashes... then tried to show me a video and guess what? Her Windows phone, instead of the video, displayed a gorgeous and fun green screen! I felt so envious!😜

    1. has become so dull now that everything works! I didn't know we had a victim of a Windows Phone. Those phones are pretty expensive...Why paying so much to experience crashes and multimedia limitations? What a deal!

  2. Hehe well, it's a shame that one of your colleagues is not in your office anymore... I think it was fun to see you teasing and even scolding her whenever she desperately asked for help to solve windows-related problems... well making the computer and the printer crash was not fun for her, but you and mechatoro made fun of that! :P Good old times! :P

    1. With my weird schedule, I barely got to see anyone. :P