jueves, 2 de julio de 2015

Blow the Trumpets!! Windows 8.x Gained 0.43% Market Share!! Wait...It actually Lost It!!

Do you remember the monthly "Windows whateverversion gained x market share this month" articles that plagued the Web for years?

Linux users always said that the sources for those numbers were not reliable enough...but Windows advocates dismissed the whole issue saying the numbers were correct.

Until Netmarketshare.com made a "serious" mistake showing Windows NT gaining an enormous percentage suddenly...

Then, the page went down for a few hours...

When it became available again, the numbers were discouraging for Windows 8.

This made some Windows-biased journalists cry out loud, saying "those numbers are not to be believed!!!"

Where did I hear that before?  :P

They also said that it was time to stop the monthly announcements about Windows 8's sluggish gains (they did not use those words, of course).

And thus, the articles were gone. 

While I kind of miss them, I think it's good they are gone.  It was embarrassing to see how Windows journalists tried to paint a great future for an OS that was way worse than Vista in terms of adoption. Funny, huh?

Can you imagine the title of this month's article now that Windows 8, after 2 1/2 years has not been able to reach 20% market share? Let me say it again, Windows 8.x has not yet surpassed Vista.

In case you want to check the numbers of Vista's good ol' times, you can do it  here. Hurry up, though.  We don't know how long they will last! 

Yes, while 2 1/2 years after Vista's lauch, it claimed 19.01% market share, Windows 8 and 8.1 combined (never separately) have just 16.02% this month!  That's even worse taking into account that last month they claimed a 16.45%!

Again, where's the batch of articles informing about that 0.43% loss?  And why aren't those "objective" journalists informing us the truth about Vista and 8? They just made their comparisons once that Vista was weak...

If those numbers are not to be believed, then let me add that neither are those "tech journalists"!  Let's be fair!

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  2. It's terrible to see how people manipulate information to make others believe things that are not true, but they don't care because of their economic interests... Well, there are those who are aware of the fact that those figures are unreliable, and thanks for raising awareness about it, too.

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