jueves, 23 de julio de 2015

Jetpack 2: Greenlit on Steam!

Although this is news from around February this year, I just realized that the game Jetpack 2 has been finally greenlit on Steam.

Hopefully, this will speed things up on this game, which I've been waiting since 1999.  The original game used to end with the message "wait for Jetpack 2 in 1999."

Unfortunately, Adam Pedersen, the developer, has been through a lot of situations that have prevented the completion of the game.  Still, it has been quite a lot of time waiting and many fans have lost hope to see the game finally launched. 

But there's still hope.  Mr. Pedersen commented this on Steam's greenlight of Jetpack 2 on February 28:

Hey, we finally got greenlit!
I'm not able to work on this full time for the time being, but I'm hoping to get it out this year.
Thanks for your support everyone!

The promise of releasing Jetpack 2 may have not been fulfilled for a lot of years, but the beta does run on Linux as said by the developer.  Hopefully, we will have Jetpack 2 soon...or someday...and hopefully it will run on Linux, too.

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