domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

...Sensei, sore wa LINUX desuka. 先生、それはリヌクスですか。

Yesterday, I used a video for my first Japanese class this new term. I booted MEPIS 11 on my multi-boot laptop and played the file, which I had forgotten was corrupted.

Surely enough, the video reached its damaged point and what happened?

Not much, the video player logged the error to the console and kept working...Boy! I love that!

At the end of the class, one student stayed and asked me "Professor, is that Linux?"

It turned out that he is also a Linux user...and much more experienced than I am, because he is an active member of the Free Software Community of my country. I bet he was happy to see somebody using Linux and enjoying its advantages in a class.

Among other topics, we spoke about the advantages of using Linux to change the language of the OS as a radical means for practicing. Still, he didn't know about the best possible Free Software ally for students of the Japanese language. I'll introduce it to the class next Saturday.

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  1. 弟、そのけいけん は けっこうおもしろいです!
    私は マジェイアを使って、楽しい時間がありました。ゴミばこのアイコンをやっとかわりましたよ!

  2. It's great to find linux user in unexpected places. The other day in the library a girl booted hew netbook into Ubuntu. I almost fell in love at first sight xD.

    by the way sensei, which japanese level are you currently teaching? I want to join back in the next trimester, hopefully my schedule will allow it =D.

  3. @ Vanargand,

    Right, it's a nice surprise and you can share ideas and tips with them.

    This term I'm teaching Level 1. That's a start from zero for my students, who are struggling to learn Hiragana currently. Feel free to visit anytime! :P

  4. @ Mechatotoro