miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

So Long, Skype!

Well, with the news about Microsoft buying Skype, I've started to hear reactions from Linux users who are also Skype users.

I never used Skype myself, but certainly don't see this new MSkype as a good deal for GNU/Linux users. I mean, the good thing of Skype was that it was, to some extent, multi-platform, even if it was closed source. Will that be the same once Microsoft turns it into "Windows VoIP Professional" or as Harry McCracken said, "Microsoft Internet Phone Professional Premium 2012"?

I don't think so. Nor I believe Ballmer's statement that MS will continue developing Skype for non-MS platforms. If that actually happens, I don't think Skype will keep the same features on Windows and on non-Windows systems.

This article on Digitizor.com analyzes the potential situation for Skype Linux users...it doesn't look good.

Now, GNU/Linux users who were fond of Skype are looking for alternatives. The migration has started. After all, when there is no Linux support, Linux users should make their voice heard.

2 comentarios:

  1. The future is not so bleak: We will have the first Linux-supported MS app! (Yeah, right!)
    But not all analysts think Microsoft's move was a good one: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/networking/microsoft-8217s-ballmer-77-billion-skype-blunder/1033

    And it will foster the development of native Linux VoIP services, too!

  2. Yes. I read about that, too. I don't know how MS will conciliate VoIP with Phone manufacturers, especially Nokia, their new partner. If I were Nokia, I'd be very careful.