domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

Linux Is Dead...and My Students See Dead Linux!

Yesterday, I took my little netbook to my second Japanese class (the course started last week).

When I booted Mepis 11, I remembered that last course, one of my students had asked me "teacher, is that Linux?", so I wondered if one of my new students would ask me the same question...

But no, this time it didn't happen. Things were a bit different.

Some of my students grinned when they saw my system projected on the whiteboard. Evidently, they recognized it was not Microsoft's doing...

And then, came the question...

No, it wasn't "teacher, is that Linux?"

This time, the question was "teacher, what Linux distribution is that one?"

Right...Linux is dead. So dead that nowadays I seem to encounter more people who know about it. True, they are not counted by millions, but this shows that the hegemony of Windows is not as solid as it used to be.

This is something educational institutions should pay attention to. The era of "you need MS this and MS that to view this page" is reaching its end. Educational institutions should notice that more students, maybe a minority, don't play by MS standards. As with all minorities, their right must be respected.

4 comentarios:

  1. cool surprise.. I wish to find more linux users in the future... not much so far.... D: though it makes me feel special xD

  2. Everywhere I give presentation and lectures, the first thing they see is my little Ubuntu powered netbook and conversations and requests start right away about Linux and its virtues, in the end, I would get umpteen requests to install Linux on variety of PCs and laptops. Thats pretty good for a dead system :D

  3. @ Fenrir, Mechatotoro & Arup,

    I don't know, but being a user of a "dead" system that more people seem to know about lately makes me feel special indeed! :)