miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012

If Linux Is Dead...this Is a Zombie Apocalypse!

Linux is dead on the desktop...and it died long ago. Who hasn't heard that?

Apparently, the 1,500 school children whose happy faces could not hide the illusion of using a laptop for the first time didn't. They just received their own Linux-powered computers...wow! That's a lot of dead computers!

True...1,500 dead PCs is far too modest to worry about...but the total number of Linux computers that the government will give to students for educational purposes is 25,000! Whoa! Now, that is more than enough to call it a zombie apocalypse!

In other words, a minimum of 25 thousand children will use Linux without even knowing it--just as the student who asked me if I could let her use my netbook to do her registration process at the university--to start their learning about computers.

This is a desperate situation! Dead computers are about to attack the youngest generation in my country! These poor children might even start looking for the dead programs they use at school in other computers...can you picture it? They will look for alive computers and might even prey on them! Furthermore, these kids are going to grow up as mini-zombies unable to think and choose for themselves as we adults do--especially when it comes to computers--because a dead OS will eat their brains up!

The world is about to end!! HELP!!!

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  1. Linux is dead? LONG LIVE LINUX! It's not dead or even undead on my desktop. It's alive and well... and will continue to be into my foreseeable future. :)

    Te veo!


  2. Same here! Thanks for dropping by, Eric!