miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

On Microsoft Raids...

About six months ago, Microsoft said it would be "enforcing anti-piracy more actively" in my country. It seems many people here did not understand what that meant. At least until last week.

Microsoft's friendly officials started paying visits to unsuspecting businesses just to make sure these businesses were running licensed copies of Windows and MS Office.

The result? So far, Microsoft has:

--taken legal actions against two businesses and will take more against another

--has finished 10 conciliation processes

--has earned $167,000 for damages (about 87 million in my country's currency)

Not bad to begin the year, huh?

Microsoft raids will become a stronger headache for those businesses whose owners had the wrong idea that paying for Windows and MS-Office was stupid when you can get it "for free." What about considering absurd to pay for extra licenses once you get one because you can simply install the same disc on as many computers as you want?

Fortunately, MS is being harsh on businesses only. Microsoft officials say that they work with domestic users through education. That's so kind of them! (if you believe them).

Still, there's a very simple lesson people and businesses have to learn: If you want Windows and MS-Office, PAY!

If you don't want to pay but still want to use MS software for your business, better treat your employees REALLY well...or wait for the visit of your nice Microsoft friends. There's even a site people can use to denounce pirates!

2 comentarios:

  1. Let's see if people still think that MS products are free and that EULAS do not matter.

  2. The "Windows is also free 'cause I can get it for free" era is slowly reaching its end. What will those who don't want to pay do?