domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

A Quick Look at SliTaz 4 RC1

The iso file of SliTaz 4 RC1 is barely 34 Mb, so I downloaded it and gave this release a try.

First, Slitaz 4 RC1 has introduced some options for localization at boot-up:

Once you choose your language and keyboard layout, you get SliTaz desktop:

The browser is Midori. It has sodoku and chess as games. Out of the box, you can view & edit images with lightweight applications. Also, you can play sound files.

Another innovation is the SliTaz panel, from which you can install. In my case, installation was not possible because a file was missing. I wonder if that's because this is a release candidate.

Also, SliTaz does not come with an office suite, but it is installable, along with video players and other packages.

I'll keep testing this little distro and report more observations later.

3 comentarios:

  1. Wow. That looks neat! I hope the problem with the installer gets solved.

    I tested Mageia 2 beta 1 and found it real nice. The problem was that iBus does not seem to be working.

  2. That looks good, and lightweight :D

    interesting thought: Midori has always crashed on my computers (both of them).

  3. @ Mechatotoro,

    Hope I am not the problem to be solved! (my Kongoni installation comes to mind) :P

    @ Fenrir,

    I found it faster than SliTaz 3. Although Midori crashed on SliTaz 3 several times, it didn't on 4 (as far as I tested it). Still, on SliTaz 3, I downloaded and installed Shiretoko, which is their version of Firefox :)