domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

Four Sad Squares...

The Four Sad Squares are a cage and those trapped within them cannot understand.

Those trapped within them cannot comprehend the Stars like Mandriva shining above them. In fact, they will see the light reflected from the sky but will run and hide from it in fear. Those whose minds have been secretly molded to perfectly fit in the narrow room graciously provided by the Four Sad Squares cannot see beyond the red, the green, the blue, and the yellow. There are no other colors; there are no other worlds. The two pyramids of Mepis and the moon above them are a vision of horror to them: it will shatter to pieces their fragile sense of safety, mostly provided by external mirages updated on a daily basis or self-indulged with an intoxicating smoke of essentials that never reach the essence. The refreshing green of Mint is deadlier than poison to them; the Pardus cat is not a companion nor a friend but a wild predator they must escape from. Easier it is for a tiger to jump through a ring of fire than for them to approach the circles of Ubuntu...

The Four Sad Squares trap you.

Some say that they take your freedom away, but that is not true. You are of no importance to them, so don't be so self-conceited. They don't care for you as a person or as a living creature and won't take anything from you beside your money. The rest--your freedom, your rights, your voice, your choices--you give it away to them either willingly or without knowing...but don't blame them because the one who gives it up is only YOU.

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  1. Four sad squares with simple colors;
    they simplify the light that touches
    your eyes.