domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

Mandriva to become MAGEIA?

Last night, I got news from Mechatotoro that left me speechless: Mandriva Linux is actually forking. It seems that the members of the community couldn't put up any longer with the company behind Mandriva and decided to create a new distro on their own. This new distro will be named "Mageia" (White Magic), and many of its contributors are former Mandriva employees. You can read more about Mageia here. The new Mageia model will include a non-profit organization instead of a company, for business decisions are somewhat what members of the community are not pleased with. Let's remember that Mandriva was born out of the merging of two companies: Mandrake Linux and Connectiva.

Needless to say, the decision of splitting roads with Mandriva to create Mageia was not hasty. Members were thinking about it and discussing the subject for quite a long time. They even conducted a poll in which they asked fellow members what distro they would use if Mandriva folded. Most of them (26%) responded that they would start a new project. The most popular choice was PCLinuxOS (a Mandriva-based distro, with a 17% and OpenSuse with a 15%.

And the least popular distro among Mandriva followers? That was Mepis, with an unbelievable 0%!

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  1. Actually, three comments mentioned Mepis in the thread. It turns out that Mandriva users have heard that Mepis is a good KDE distro, but nobody there uses it.

  2. Oh, well...I guess no Mandriva-style user would ever feel comfortable with Mepis. To like Mepis you have to be a pure-Windows XP (or earlier) user who somehow wants to migrate to GNU/Linux...but at the same time you fear penguins and are terrified just by pronouncing the name "Linux"! :P