domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Some Statistics about My Linux Box's been 5 months since I started this blog and almost a year since I migrated to Mepis Linux 8. Thus, I think it's time to review some real numbers related to its performance:

A. Number of attacks by trojans, spyware, or malware: 0.

B. Number of Kernel Panics (the Linux equivalent of Windows BSODs): 1 (But it was not on my main system. It happened when I was trying a bad burn of a Live CD and took it out of the drive while it was loading)

C. Number of system crashes: 0.

D. Number of KDE crashes: 5 (But KDE recovers itself without restarting the system.)

E. Number of computer freezes: 0.

F. Number of programs that crashed: 1 Kplayer. I decided to use Kaffeine for video playing instead.

G. Number of times I've noticed slow system performance: 0. Mepis still runs as fast as the first time I installed it without my need to flush the cache, restarting or whatever.

H. Number of times I've explored, modified, or deleted system files making the system crash: 2. (When tried to install Compiz and when tried to revert some appearance changes after an upgrade.)

I. Number of times I've explored, modified, or deleted system files WITHOUT making the system crash: about 200.

J. Number of times I actually needed to fiddle with the system: 4. (to enable Japanese typing, to revert some appearance changes after an upgrade, to set up my printer, and to enable virtualization).

K. Average time for reinstalling the whole system: 10 mins. (without disc imaging)

L. Average time for configuring the system the way I want it to be: 1 hour 30 mins. (without disc imaging)

M. Number of times I've partitioned my hard drive after installing Linux: 1. (to make my Linux partition bigger)

N. Minimum number of times I've tried other Linux distros: 11.
(Mandriva, Pardus, BrLix, Puppy, Damn Small Linux, Mint, OpenSuse, Elive, AntiX, Mangaka, Chameleon OS)

O. Number of times the other distros I've tried have made my system crash: 0.

So, in conclusion I must say I am very satisfied with my migration. It was much less painful than I expected and much more rewarding, too. Of course, there's still a lot to learn, but I'm going one step at a time.

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  1. Hey, congratulations!
    I think Mepis is a great distro...of course, Linux fans seem not to like it because it does not come with the latest software, but...
    I think I have had more problems with Mandriva because of the results of my experiments-gone-wrong.

  2. Thanks!

    Well, many Mepis users are waiting for Mepis 11 because it may reduce the software and hardware gaps. Since my computer is not among the latest-greatest, Mepis 8 does perfectly well. I haven't fully adopted Mepis 8.5

  3. Five KDE crashes? I wouldn't want my DE to crash that many times in the span of 12 months or less. I wonder what version of KDE you were using when the crashes occurred.

  4. @ Barista Uno,
    I'm using KDE 3.5.10 (whose code has been dubbed "the spaghetti" by some.) I guess that explains it all. However, the 5 crashes are described as: 1-second-long glitch that closes the windows, then an error message appears and right after that KDE recovers automatically and keeps working as if nothing happened.