viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

Waiting (im)patiently

OK, this is the list of final releases I'm waiting for (im)patiently during this year:

1. Mepis 11:
Currently in Beta 1 stage, Mepis 11 is the first one on my list. I've tested it and have gotten both pleasant and unpleasant surprises...I hope it may be ready soon, but more than that, I hope Mepis 11 may unleash the full potential of my computer.

2. Mageia:
Being an occasional Mandriva user (and now more often as my new DVD units only work on Mandriva), I've come to feel more at ease with the French/Brazilian yellow star. Likewise, I can't help but wait for Mageia to be released. What will Mageia be like? I don't know, but I want to be there when it sees the light.

3. Pardus 2011:
I like Pardus and I think that if I had found it before, maybe I wouldn't be using Mepis now. Probably that's the reason why I haven't installed it yet. Well, my former computer was quite old and I didn't have enough room for the Turkish cat then. That problem is currently gone with my new computer. I have just tested the live Pardus 2011 Release Candidate and I must say it is impressive (it can also use my new hardware with no hassle!) Definitely, I will install it as soon as the final release arrives. Please go here for a more detailed review.

4. Libreoffice:

I tested the second alpha and it was good in spite of the crashes I experienced. Pardus 2011 has it, so I think Libreoffice will become more popular with the time.

5. Firefox 4:
Why Firefox if savvy individuals seem to prefer other browsers such as Chrome or Opera? Well, I don't know how to answer myself, but I trust the red panda because it was the browser that made Redmond realize IE was pure talk and that open standards were important. Both Pardus 2011 and Mepis 11 bring Firefox 4 Beta...Will Mageia choose it as well?

5. antiX M11:
I gave antiX M11 Test Release a spin and found it amazing. Also, its developer surprised me literally by offering me unexpected and incredibly prompt advice on how to solve a problem I encountered. Hopefully, antiX M11 will be ready quite soon, too. I will recommend it to those who want a rolling distro.

So, this is my list. Still, I get the feeling that I'm missing something...could that be the first Service Pack of Windows 7? No...I don't think so. :P

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  1. Please, Windows 7 IS a service pack itself... of Vista :)
    I'm also looking forward to FF4, though I don't hold my breath there'll be many great changes. Still I use it because Chromium is simply not good enough yet standards-wise (won't display my CMS properly and the like), and Opera is closed source and out of the question.

    I also liked Antix the Fluxbox edition, core, or base, I think they call it. But I encountered some problems updating the system. True, I tried it for a short while months back, perhaps it's gotten better now.

    And being a Debian user of course to me the most anticipated release this year will be the new Debian :D

  2. THE NEW DEBIAN!!! Oh my, this is so big that I don't know how I missed it! Where would I be without Debian?

  3. Count me in the list of the impatient ones! I'm also waiting for:
    1. Mandriva 2011 and its rpm5
    2. Ballmer's "retirement" :-P

  4. I'm waiting the new Debian 6 too.
    The waiting has been so long... :)
    Years ago I would be waiting Firefox, but now I'm a Chrome user.