lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

The Extinct Species of My GNU/Linux & BSD Logo Zoo (A Tribute to Discontinued Distros)

After making my little GNU/Linux and BSD Logo Zoo yesterday, a strange question came to my mind:

What about the distros that could have been in my zoo but are not there because they were discontinued before I got the chance to know about them?

Thus, as a tribute to those distros that someone developed with effort and that helped others in the past, I made a chart of the "Extinct Species" in my imaginary zoo:

Then, I noticed something. With some minor exceptions, the extinct distros from the "World Species" section and the "Aquarium" correspond to endangered species indeed. That's really a strange coincidence! Does that explain why there isn't any Triceratops Linux or Plesiosaur Linux?

That was quite fun to think about, but while I was browsing the Web today, I stumbled upon an article that describes what apparently is happening to animals at Kiev Zoo. That is terrible news, especially if you are an animal lover. I hope that situation may be corrected while the animals in that place are still alive.

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