sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Gradual Change...A Busy Week

They have kept me extremely busy with work this week. Now, looking back to what happened during my free time, I can recall:

1. The new Pardus user reported that she fell in love with the big cat from Turkey. Her Windows Vista went totally useless due to malware issues and now she is understanding the big difference between "computer infection" and "Windows infection." Really, it is only until you step away from that old paradigm that you begin to understand and enjoy using your computer freely.

2. I helped Mechatotoro with the installation of Mandriva 2010.2 into the netbooks of two respected professors in our university. They looked happy and eager to try their brand new OS. Apparently, Windows Vista/7 Starter is doing a marvelous job turning users to Linux! Of course, nobody wants to be bullied.

3. MEPIS 11 went to RC 2! I am very happy because MEPIS 11 turned to be all that they promised and even more! I upgraded my Test Mepis 11 to RC2 from the repositories and everything went seamlessly.

4. I downloaded Mageia beta 2 and gave it to Mechatotoro. I'm still waiting for his review, but I guess it will take longer because he apparently went back to Windows. :P

Times are changing...more people are willing to step away from the four sad squares even if the one in charge disguises them now as a circle.

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  1. Yes, it was a busy week. Thanks for your help with the installations.

    About Mageia... I'll give it a try as soon as I get my box back.