sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

Visit My GNU/Linux (& BSD) Logo Zoo and See How Many Distros You can Name!

Some people think that GNU/Linux is only one Operating System. Others think that "Linux" is the only UNIX Operating System derivative but BSD must not be forgotten. Both GNU/Linux and BSD include a lot of different OSs in their respective families. While Linux has Tux (a penguin) as its mascot, BSD has Daemon (a little devil). Interestingly, many of the OSs in both families are identified by logos representing animals. Thus, I made this little zoo with the logos of as many distros as I could find to illustrate the great variety of Operating Systems available to choose.

Is your favorite distro in my logo zoo? Also, how many distros can you identify?

Remember: My zoo only includes the distros whose logo is an animal. Sorry if I skipped your distro!

By the way, I took the logos from Distrowatch.

10 comentarios:

  1. Hahaha, what a catalogue!
    Very fun...and you are levaing out all distros that do not have an animal logo, so we can get the idea of the rich diversity of OSs that there is.

  2. Yes. Maybe later I will make a Zen garden with the distros that have plants for their logos! :P

  3. You have to put Gentoo's Larry the Cow in there. :-)

  4. The whole thing can be wrapped up into the antiX-globe logo.

    Nice post.

  5. @ Henrique Rodrigues,
    Larry THE COW??!!

    I'm sorry, I didn't include him/her because I didn't know about his/her existence. Oh, but Larry the Cow is Gentoo's mascot, not its logo and I just used logos. Still, I'll make a revised version of my zoo later (Lunar's logo is also a penguin!) Thus, I promise Larry the Cow will be there! :)

  6. @ Anticapitalista,

    Thanks for the suggestion and for visiting! My zoo will indeed look good in it! :)

  7. Giving their names would have been useful to answer the quiz :P hehe :P especially for those who are taking baby steps on this :P like me. :P I have to admit I really loved it the first time I saw it. :D You're very creative! :D