viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

Linux is Spoiling Me!!

After reading an article about how tests have shown that antivirus solutions, in spite of their struggle to keep Windows systems protected, have fallen behind malware threats (MS Security Essentials among these)--and one company has actually fallen prey of hackers itself--, I realized that Linux is spoiling me.

Really, just about 18 months ago, such news would have caused a state of crisis followed by a detailed investigation of all possible AV solutions, even if mine was among the best rated.

Today, I just grin at the news because I don't even have an antivirus installed. Still, I've been able to get rid of 22 infections I got in one second after I plugged my USB key into an infected XP computer. It took me only 2 seconds and a single click to clean it. Yes, no AV required!

Also, I often find myself looking for my four virtual desktops when working on the XP system at my office and have become a bit irritated when I plug a USB device into someone else's system and have to wait for Vista/7 or XP to grant me permission to use it. I become doubly irritated if they tell me my USB stick is infected when the reality is that those systems are the compromised ones and are infecting my pendrive.

Then, I feel happy to open my repositories and find there all the software I need without looking for demos, cracked versions, or loaders. How was I happy before with 30-day trials?

What about updating my system while watching a video or browsing the Web? And how about checking out the software I just updated without rebooting? I already forgot why I was supposed to reboot the system after an update...

Oh...I realized my patience also runs short when I turn off a PC and I have to wait for the system to finish installing I don't know what files until it finally decides to shut down. That's especially obnoxious if the original intention for the shut down was one of those delightful reboots.

True...Linux is spoiling me, and I'm not counting all my learning in these months! Yes, I'm still a baby, but I've learned a lot if compared to my 15+ years of heavy Windows use.

Why didn't I migrate earlier? I wish I had!

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  1. I agree with you. In retrospective, I can see that all the time I spent looking for programs, etc. could have been spent actually learning about the computer! Amazing! I needed three programs (and several cracks) to get the computer to wake me up with a song in Windows, for instance. In Linux, the same program does everything.

  2. I must say that I've been reading your blog for quite some time now, and it's always a pleasant read.
    I migrated to Linux over a year ago with the marvellous Linux Mint, and ever since it's been increasingly difficult to use Windows again. Still, I need to do some work on Windows from time to time and that is why I keep Mint on a dual-boot with Windows 7. To put it simply, Windows at this day and age, is primitive in comparison with Linux. I can no longer work without virtual desktops, I can no longer tolerate the sluggish performance once I've seen what my modest laptop is capable of with Linux, I can't stand reboots for every little update, et cetera.
    Linux has clearly raised the proverbial bar. I'm spoiled!

  3. @Helder,
    Ditto. Once that I experienced Linux computing, I realized that Windows was simply wasting the potential of my computers and therefore reducing my productivity.

  4. @ Mechatotoro,
    Yes, the money spent in obtaining certain "functions" is not what I regret but the time I spent learning how to defend a faulty OS. I could have invested my time actually learning about computers had I migrated before.

    @ Helder,
    Thanks for visiting and for reading about my experiences. I agree with you about Mint: it is not only elegant, but also amazing!(no wonder why someone my brother and I helped once chose Mint over my favorite distro for her installation, hehe!)

    Some people think my actual experiences are FUD against Windows, but they are not. Reality speaks for itself.

  5. @ Megatotoro,
    I saw that. Because of the fact that they missed the point of your post entirely, I think that they could profit by taking a reading comprehension course...

  6. In the words of Alexander Leek, "It's perception, John. They appear differently to each one: a voice, a light, a man, a monster..."

  7. Nice blog post. I migrated to Linux for similar reasons and also get annoyed at the antiquated nature of Windows when I'm forced to use it at work. I even miss my "wobbly windows" effect.

  8. MS used to have a virtual desktop add-on for XP awhile back, and guess what Win 8 will have virtual desktops.

    What I miss most (amongst many other things!) when i have to use Windows is 'sloppy focus' being able to scroll a Firefox page down whilst having another window in front of it for example.

  9. @ aikiwolfie,
    Thank you. Glad to hear I'm not the only one! I've caught myself sometimes playing with my "wobbly windows" when I've needed a very short break. It works!

    @ Carl D,
    You are right. I downloaded the add on and used it a couple of years ago, but something was missing. If I'm not mistaken, Vista had virtual desktops, too (probably the most expensive edition...I don't know)

    It is interesting..MS won't admit it, but I've noticed some "Linux-ification in Windows. For example, Win7 now works on a sort of permission-based security system. Also, the concepts of Win8 I've seen somehow resemble KDE 4 and GNOME (the old one).