lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

How to Get Wireless Working on antiX

I've been using Ceni to get my wireless working when I use antiX.  The problem is that Ceni is more for fixed wireless networks.  If you are outside the network you established with Ceni, you must reconfigure access for the new wireless network you pick.

Although antiX comes with Wicd, I had never been able to get it to show any wireless network...

That was until I found this easy video tutorial by Dolphin_oracle, a fellow antiX user.

In my case, it was as simple as typing wlan0 in the properties box!  Of course, it is best to check which one your system uses (antiX Control Center can help you with that, as the video also explains).

Now, I can get Wicd to show me different wireless networks wherever I take my antiX system to.

3 comentarios:

  1. Interesting and simple. I gill give it a try and report later. Thanks!

  2. This simple trick of yours worked perfectly! Now my netbook running antiX picks up the networks. Thank you!

    1. Actually, the trick is Dolphin_Oracle's. Thanks to him, I got my Steam client working on antiX, too...and could finish playing Violett! :)