miércoles, 15 de enero de 2014

What a Start, 2014!

These first two weeks of 2014 have been---how to put it?---intense!

There have been good moments:

People at the Mepis forum are buzzing with activity.  They are preparing a little surprise of which I cannot say much now, but they let me be part of the process, even with my very limited skills.

Jetpack 2, the sequel to Jetpack, the cult game that kept me busy some years ago, is advancing.  I tested the beta on GalPon MiniNo, Mepis 8, 11, and 12 and it is working.  My brother tested it on Mageia, too.

Firefox OS tablets, even if they are kind of proof of concept, have already landed at Mozilla for developers to test. 

I added LXDE to antiX on a Toshiba NB-525 netbook.  It worked like a charm! That antiX install is making the one on my laptop envious.

There are rumors that 2014 will see the birth of Pisi Linux.  I'm waiting for it!

Now, the not-so-good moments:

My plans to advance in the world of tablets got somehow interrupted when I dropped my ZaTab ZT2 and damaged its display.  Some people say it's unlucky to drop a tablet...if it is yours, it will bring sadness to your life...if it is not yours, then it brings you calamity!

Two days ago, I tried to boot a distro from CD.  It didn't work.  It turns out that my DVD drive broke down.  Not a big deal now that one can boot from USB, but still...it is not good to have a broken drive.

Yesterday, experimenting recklessly, I broke my Pardus 2013 install.  With it, my Steam games were gone!  At the end, I decided to download and install Pardus 2.1Beta, but it is having trouble seeing my other partitions.  I tried to edit fstab to no avail.  I guess I'll then take a look at Pardus 2.  At least I could see on Pardus 2.1 that Steam keeps records of your stats and achievements, so I technically did not lose my gaming progress.

What's next?  Will it be good or will it be bad?

As my French teacher once said, "On commence bien comme  ça!"

4 comentarios:

  1. I'd say it's a moderate start.
    Of course, the ZaTab's desiplay going (right after I experienced the same) is rather discouraging... and so is your ruining of Pardus.

    I luckily upgraded my PCLOS and it solved the YouTube video problems I had... and I can get to play with KDE 4.11.5 now, yay!

    1. Good for you! Pardus 2.1 also has KDE 4.11.5 (The KDE edition, of course). You're gonna love it!

      About the ZaTab...I guess we are not quite made for tablets. Still, I'll get a Vivaldi or one with Firefox OS when they are available.

  2. Those first two weeks were definitely intense! That's too bad. Hope you had had better days in this month!

    1. Violett, Worms Reloaded and the Bard's Tale are among the good things.