sábado, 4 de enero de 2014

Latin America Prefers Android

Image taken from vilaingeek.com
According to an interesting piece of news in a local newspaper, Android dominates in my country (68,73%), mainly thanks to smartphones from Samsung and Motorola.  Apple's iPhone is second with a 17,51% market share.

What about Windows Phone?  It's far below with just 4,81%.

The figures show similar trends in Latin America:

Android: 61,27%
iphone: 28,07%
Windows: 4,93%
BlackBerry: 3,31%. 

Among the countries in the region that prefer Android, one can count Panama (80,62%), Bolivia (74,97%), and Argentina (74,61%).  The countries with the weakest use of Android are Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Dominican Republic, with percentages from  47%  to 51%.

What does this mean?  

It means that, as new generations are more and more exposed to Android, Microsoft's relevance will be questioned.  If kids can do many things with Android (yes, gaming included!), how will Microsoft convince them that they need Windows and nothing else?  With Windows 8?

If schools here start buying Chromebooks (as it is happening in other countries), MS Office will have a tougher time, for I feel it is its office suite what makes many educational institutions believe they need Windows.  

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  1. Well, I guess schools here will probably repeat the mistakes made in other countries: they will either go Apple or keep MS lock in on...

    Yes, it is refreshing to know that Android is shaking the world of those...

  2. I really like Android, however there are some task one can't pull off other than a linux/apple/windows machine. Like running Netbeans for coding in Java. Then I'd be happy. Still I'd be more happy with Linux in educational institutions, however until some huge sponsor really endorses it I don't think it's gonna happen soon.