jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

For Those Who Love Market Share...

September's market share numbers are out.  According to Netmarketshare, these are the figures:

It is very interesting to see that Linux has surpassed Vista.  But where are the "tech journalists"?  Why nobody has mentioned it so far?  Whenever a new version of Windows climbs over Vista, these journalists always blow their trumpets...

Windows 10 climbed from 5.21% in August to 6.63% in September.  A 1.42% gain for an OS that is virtually pushed to most computers does not seem quite good, at least to me.  I'm sure that Windows fans and Windows-friendly tech journalists will see it differently.

Still, Windows 10 must make twice its marketshare if it wants to equal XP's current one.  It seems that the adoption rate of Microsoft's new Trojanwarhorse has not been as fast as they would have expected.

2 comentarios:

  1. Interesting. You are making a good point there: the numbers of Windows 10 adoption do not seem to match the propaganda favoring the OS, unless you count those articles as wishful thinking.

    1. I think the raw numbers by Microsoft take into account every single device (phone, tablet, PC, phablet, server, watch,...abacus) their new OS has been pushed into. That's why desktop numbers do not match.