domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

Linux for Children at Its Best: PicarOS Diego 2015 Is HERE!

Great news! PicarOS Diego, a special remix of GalPon MiniNo aimed at children, is here in its version 2015!

The changes have been many.  You may read them here.

I cannot say much right now because I am downloading it.  The ISO is 3.2 GB so it will take a bit.  For the time being, this part of the novelties caught my eye:

  • Updated launcher to create our own custom PicarOS LiveDVD with just one mouse click.
  • It includes a program to recover deleted files from memory cards, USB flash drives or hard drives damaged or accidentally formatted files. It is very easy to use and very powerful, because you can use three different engines and merge results.
Who says this OS is just for children?  I've found it extremely powerful (and now I'm eager to try those new features above)

Later on, I'll be posting again.

Thanks a lot, MiniNO and PicarOS devs!  You are the best!

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